VMRO-DPMNE: Where are the purchased Pfizer and Sputnik V vaccines?

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Zaev and Filipce to say where are the announced purchased Pfizer and Sputnik vaccines, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE reacted on Tuesday.

Vaccination is ongoing, and it can be seen that the interest of the citizens is huge. The huge number of people who go to vaccination sites without appointments shows that Filipce’s system has failed and that it has not covered the citizens completely.

If the interest continues at this pace, and Zaev and Filipce do not procure vaccines, we will face a delay in vaccination, which, just before fall when a new wave threatens us, will mean health and human losses.

In order to avoid unwanted consequences, Zaev and Filipce should say where are they announced purchased Pfizer and Sputnik vaccines?

Why have they not arrived, and when will they arrive? Zaev and Filipce should say what is the government’s plan on resuming vaccination in August and September?

Or do they plan to beg for vaccines from the neighborhood again? reads the party’s press release.