Did Silegov earn his second candidacy by approving the high-rise buildings opposite the Holiday Inn?

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For months, the institutions of the Municipality of Centar, the City of Skopje, and the Ministry of Transport and Communications have been silent and do not react regarding the high-rise buildings that should be built on over 13,000 m2. Instead of listening to the citizens, the institutions led by Silegov, Bogdanovic, and Bocvarski shift the blame. Before coming to power, Silegov and Bogdanovic promised to revise all detailed urban plans, introduced false moratoriums, and finally poured concrete all over the city center, near the river Vardar, Bojan Stojanoski, an MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, said at Monday’s press conference.

He pointed out that not only SDSM and the institutions led by their staff are silencing the cementing of the city center, but also directly enabled it.

Although they lied that they would not allow the cementing, in the end, the Municipality of Centar and the City of Skopje issued all the necessary building permits. The cementing was carried out directly by Silegov, who is now awarded by Zaev with a nomination for a second term as mayor of the City of Skopje. Despite the fact that Silegov is as incompetent as Zaev, and conducts tenders where the winning companies book twice as much money as other municipalities and cities in the region pay for the same things, did Silegov earn his second nomination by approving the construction of the high-rise buildings opposite the Holiday Inn, Stojanoski asked.

He called on Silegov to come out and say whether the silence and approval of the construction of the high-rise buildings near the Holiday Inn earn him the support for the second candidacy from SDSM? Whose interests does Petre Shilegov work for? he asked.