Mickoski: We will bring cheaper electricity

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Today we start from Gazi Baba with the activities that will take place all summer, where the party’s platform – Macedonia for all will be presented, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski ahead of Wednesday’s event in Gazi Baba.

Today we will talk about two very important topics, and that is seemingly I would say neglected by the public and that are energy and environment or ecology, two key topics that in our opinion as VMRO-DPMNE, as a coalition in the next local elections will be important for the citizens. Today we will talk about how the excise tax imposed by the government two years ago of three denars plus the value-added tax to be returned again, through projects for education, culture, sports it is approximately 600 million denars per year for education, 600 million denars for culture and 600 million denars for sports annually, or in four years it is 2.4 billion denars per area or a total of 7.2 billion denars or 120 million euros, said Mickoski.

It is serious money that at the moment we do not know where it ends, ie ends up in unproductive costs, ends up in bribery, ends up in a robbery, is criminalized, ends up with corrupt politicians who are part of the government, he added.

Today we will talk about how to connect households to gas pipelines, without additional costs, we will talk about how to get cheaper electricity through electricity generation, and we will achieve this by continuing working life and modernization of production plants, and these are the mining energy plants in Bitola and Kicevo. We will talk about improving the environment, the ecology, at least 50 percent better air quality for the citizens compared to this situation that is today. We will talk about the topics that really mean life for the citizens and that will be important in the period that follows and that are these local elections, said Mickoski.