In ads published across Europe, Orban warns of the danger of creating a “European Empire”

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In a paid ad published in European newspapers, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban details his views on the European Union.

In seven points, Orban warns that the European Union is building a “supra-state” or a “European Empire”, which Hungary opposes. He calls that the goal of building an “ever-growing union” between the EU member states is removed. The decisions need to be made by elected leaders and not international, non-Governmental organizations. The power of European integration is in shared economic success, Orban adds in his fourth point.

The right-wing leaders also warn that the coming decade will be one of the serious challenges coming from mass migration and from pandemics, and asks that Europe protects its people. Orban also calls for restoring democracy to Europe, and finally – that Serbia is admitted to the EU.

The ads were published in leading newspapers from a number of EU member states.