Zaev will never say “Macedonian national team” again

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When the state is represented, and the football team represents the state, then the term “of North Macedonia” is used, while Macedonian, all parts of the adjective, our identity, the Macedonian language are used in all other forms of discussion and communication, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, answering a parliamentary question.

When asked by VMRO-DPMNE MP Ane Laskoska about the apology that he made a mistake writing “Macedonian national football team”, Zaev pointed out that it is correct and political to correct oneself when something is contrary to the Prespa Agreement.

I signed that Agreement, I negotiated that Agreement and it absolutely completely guarantees the Macedonian identity, the Macedonian language, and our Macedonian national identity. There is absolutely no dilemma when it is used “of North Macedonia” and when Macedonian, and so on, said Zaev.

Zaev stressed that “for the whole world we are the Republic of North Macedonia, but we are confirmed as Macedonians who speak the Macedonian language.”

It is clear in accordance with the Prespa Agreement, which is a law ratified in our Parliament, what is an adjective Macedonian, etc., and what is the use of North Macedonia when representing the state and state institutions and it is clearly distinguished. The problem is that you are always looking for a way to fool the public through dishonest approach, in the part of what is a guarantee for the future of Macedonians, but also of all who live in our country, said Zaev in response to the question from MP Laskoska from VMRO-DPMNE.