Basketball youth leagues: The cadets of Kriva Palanka are champions of Macedonia!

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The winner of the final tournament in the M16 league in women’s competition is the team from Kriva Palanka that “won” Badel 1862 with (72:67).

KRIVA PALANKA – BADEL 1862 72:67 (22-13; 25-15; 14-20; 11-19)

The young basketball players of Kriva Palanka started well. In less than five minutes they had a lead of (13: 2), and a little later (19: 6). The “guests” from Kriva Palanka ended the first quarter with a similar lead (22:13).

The girls from Kriva Palanka did not give in to the tempo. At the beginning of the second quarter, more precisely in the 14th minute, they had twice the advantage of (34:17). Two minutes were even closer to the trophy (40:19), and they closed the half with (47:28).

The beginning of the second half also marked the return of “badelki” in the match. With a series of (8-1), they approached (36:48). But the opponent, through the moody Aleksovska, responded with a “break”, to return the convincing lead (55:36) in the middle of the third period. Badel 1862 once again gave eight points in the series, to reduce to (44:55).

At the end of the exciting 10 minutes, high (61:48) for Kriva Palanka. But also a big handicap for the team that due to five personal mistakes was left without its best basketball player, Aleksovska, scorer of 29 points in the three quarters played.

Badel 1862 managed to reduce the deficit to single digits (58:67), which was in the 35th minute of the final match. The series of girls in the yellow combination lasted until (63:67), at 2:30 minutes before the end.

Turned into a dramatic, Badel 1862 through his best player, Maria Nikolov (gave 34th points), came to (67:69), as it was 53rd seconds before the end. But Kriva Palanka withstood that rush. They gave three more points in the final seconds, for unattainable (72:67) and great celebration.

The basketball player from Kriva Palanka, Bozica Stoevska, received the award for the best in the final match, which brought her and her teammates the winning trophy in the women’s cadet competition.

Two hours earlier in the match for third place, the teams of Vardar and Trokal met. And the bronze medals of the final tournament reached the young “Vardar” who celebrated the victory with a result (66:56).


KRIVA PALANKA: Dodevska 4, Aleksovska 29, Spimenova 4, Cvetkovska 0, Petrevska 14, Stoevska 19, Kitanovska-, Zinovieva-, Davitkovska 0, Stojanovska-, T. Stojkovska 2, I. Stojkovska -;
BADEL 1862: Stojkovska 2, Aleksova-, Gjorgjievska 0, Aleksovska, Djukovic 5, Dimkovska 10, Nestorovska-, Nikolov 34, Kostic-, Danilovska 16, Aluloska 0, Vasilevska;

Kriva Palanka – Vardar 71:55
Badel 1862 – Trokal 81:66

Vardar – Trokal 66:56

Kriva Palanka – Badel 1862 72:67