Nikoloski: In order to be able to steal, they drastically increase the price of gasoline and diesel!

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In numerous meetings with businessmen and the business sector that we constantly have, almost all of them pointed to the expensive transport of goods they produce, on the other hand in meetings with transport workers we were clearly told that due to the corona crisis they have significantly less work, and a huge blow is the increase on the price of fuels, writes the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski on “Facebook”.
o protested against the then increase in fuel prices.
– Due to these IRRIGATIONAL policies of INCREASING TAXES, excises and a direct blow to the pockets of the citizens, Macedonia is facing INFLATION. The increase in the price of fuels means an INCREASE IN THE PRICES of all the products that the citizens buy. In addition to the direct blow to the pockets of the citizens through the so-called environmental tax, the citizens will very quickly face increases in the prices of all products. This tax is a direct blow to the AGRICULTURES who even without this face a catastrophic purchase and their trouble is not valued.
Catastrophic economic policies… In conditions of economic crisis, rising unemployment, huge cost of living, the government decides to increase the price of fuels, and an increase in the price of electricity is announced. To introduce more air tax… These catastrophic economic policies are another proof that SDSM does not know how to manage the country, that they do not know how to adopt quality economic measures that will improve the lives of citizens, said Nikoloski.