Miteva: Shilegov and Bogdanovic are destroying the greenery in Skopje, preserving the environment for them is just a word used in the election campaign

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This sad picture behind me is the street Orce Nikolov that Bogdanovic and Shilegov destroyed yesterday. And he promised not to do that. Exactly one month ago, the city authorities, Shilegov and Bogdanovic together with Zaev at a press conference from this location promised reconstruction of the street without informing the citizens that they plan to cut the tree line. On the contrary, he promised the citizens that they would not do that, says Marija Miteva, spokeswoman for VMRO-DPMNE.

– In the past three years, this street has been dug several times to eventually result in the destruction of greenery. Maybe in 30 years we will see Orce Nikolov again in the light it was until yesterday. Their speeches are full of stories about a green, urban Skopje, but the works of Shilegov and Bogdanovic are proof that this is just another lie in the series. This is proof that you are abusing trust, and the citizens will not forget this arbitrariness. Environment is not just a word used in an election campaign, it is a way of acting that is unknown to Shilegov and Bogdanovic. “The revolt you have created will be your weakness in the elections,” she said.

Miteva told the mayors of SDSM that the best thing for our municipalities is to leave as soon as possible.

-And the worst is your seal. The exit door will be shown to you in a few months from today, she pointed out.