Meeting of the Macedonian-Bulgarian commission

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The common Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission for Historical and Educational Issues held it’s 14th meeting yesterday and today, which is the third of the planned five for this year.

At the last, 13th meeting of the common Commission held on April 23 and 24 in online format, no result was achieved, and the Macedonian textbooks for seventh grade were discussed, while the topic Goce Delchev was not opened at all at the request of the Bulgarian side.

As Dragi Gjorgiev, chairman of the Macedonian team in the common Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission, said at the time, the two sides remained in the same positions and the main reason for the lack of results was the different perspective of the middle Ages, as well as the great differences in the approach to overcoming such disputes.

After the two-day meeting, a statement on the outcome of this meeting of the common expert commission is expected to be published.