Arsovski: Dzolev has deadline until Tuesday to submit an initiative for dismissal of Sandev – criminal charges follow

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For the 5th day in a row, Ivan Dzolev is silent about the illegal actions and actions of the juror Mitko Sandev. Mitko Sandev is 60 years old and according to the decision of the Constitutional Court from 2007, but also Article 80 of the Law on Courts, which clearly states that a lay judge over 60 years old must be replaced by another lay judge in the Republic Judicial Council, said on today’s press conference, Dimsa Arsovski, spokesperson for VMRO-DPMNE.

Additionally, Ivan Dzolev or Mitko Sandev hid the fact that the lay judge Mitko Sandev, whose term should end, is a member of a party body from the Party of Pensioners, which is another reason to act by changing a new lay judge. According to the law on criminal procedure, a lay judge must not be a member of a political body or party, for the simple reason that he can make biased decisions. So much so that the party in which Mitko Sandev is a member is in a coalition with SDSM and the government. Ivan Dzolev has until Tuesday to proceed in accordance with the law and to submit an initiative to the Republic Judicial Council for termination of the mandate of the lay judge Mitko Sandev. “We want him to be replaced with another, so that the course of the case can continue smoothly and impartially,” he said.

Arsovski says that if Ivan Dzolev does not act according to the law and does not launch an initiative by Tuesday, criminal charges will be filed against him, as well as Mitko Sandev.

– This whole court of Ivan Dzolev, which follows orders from Zoran Zaev, is extremely biased in acting on this case and does not respect the laws. Ivan Dzolev and Mitko Sandev have the choice, either to be servants of Zoran Zaev and his non-selective justice or to respect the law. If they decide on the former, they will soon face criminal liability, on Tuesday, if they decide on the latter, they will show that this Court has at least a little capacity for a fair trial and respect for the law, he added.