SDSM and DUI approved Joe Biden’s decision

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SDSM MP and head of the Parliamentary Group for Cooperation with the US Congress, Kostadin Kostadinov, approved the decision of US President Joe Biden, which according to him sends a clear signal from the US what their interests are in this region and to which way will protect themselves.

– The Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Prespa Agreement are important state achievements. They are part of our state and national interests and they coincide with the interests of our friends and strategic partners, the United States. These two agreements were adopted right here in the Macedonian Parliament and they are a guarantor for the stability and progress of our country and the entire region. “One of the strongest guarantors for these agreements is our strategically the United States,” Kostadinov said.

According to him, the statements of MPs from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE that this party still remains against the Prespa Agreement means turning its back on the citizens, but also on our greatest strategic friend the United States, our NATO allies.

Non-compliance with these agreements is acting contrary to state and national interests, contrary to interethnic and neighborhood relations. The largest opposition party here in Parliament is becoming increasingly isolated, increasingly unimportant.

As MPs elected by the people, as members of the legislature, we have an obligation to respect these agreements, to monitor their implementation, and not to violate them, said the SDSM MP.
The parliamentary majority led by SDSM and the coalition, as he said, will not allow the implementation of these agreements to be jeopardized, and thus to jeopardize the perspective of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

The Democratic Union for Integration welcomes President Joe Biden’s executive order to freeze assets and ban entry to the United States for all those who destabilize the Western Balkans, engage in corruption, and endanger democratic institutions.

DUI says that the fact that those who threaten the stability of the Western Balkans are labeled and included and those who work against the Prespa Agreement and the Ohrid Framework Agreement, which are in fact our declared world-famous red lines, are to be welcomed.

– The Democratic Union for Integration fully supports the decision of the United States, namely their commitment to promoting accountability and the fight against corruption in the Western Balkans and around the world. DUI as a responsible party in the Republic of Northern Macedonia welcomes the decision of the White House to guarantee security and political stability in the Western Balkans, and the commitment of the Biden administration to promote basic interests in the protection of democratic institutions DUI will support and will never hesitations, say from DUI.