Will SDSM propose new candidates for constitutional judges?!

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After the opposition wrote to the foreign ambassadors in the country regarding the illegalities in the election of Cvetanka Ivanova and Vasko Talevski as Constitutional Judges, the government received reactions from the EU delegation in Skopje. This is what diplomatic sources say for Vecer.mk.

Sources for Vecer.mk say that SDSM confirmed that it is possible to withdraw Cvetanka Ivanova as a candidate, but not Vasko Talevski.

The letters sent by the opposition to the embassies of the USA, France, EU, Germany, OSCE, Great Britain, and several other addresses were signed by 33 MPs.

The letters, published by Vecer.mk, state that Cvetanka Ivanova and Vasko Talevski do not have judicial experience, do not have professional papers, and are not in the category of prominent lawyers to be elected judges of the Constitutional Court.

– Cvetanka Ivanova is known as a longtime MP from the ranks of SDSM and a civil servant in the municipality of Strumica when the mayor was Zoran Zaev, and she was politically appointed to the position of Secretary-General of the Assembly, proposed by Zoran Zaev.

Ivanova and Talevski are prominent members of SDSM, which is incompatible with Article 111 of the Constitution.

Ivanova received a public thank you for her engagement from SDSM, and Talevski was a member of the executive board of SDSM and publicly updated his membership on January 29, 2021.

This clearly shows that the two candidates do not have the professional capacity, they are not prominent lawyers to be elected Constitutional Judges, and their party engagement is contrary to the Constitution.

With the eventual election of Ivanova and Talevski, partisanship and devaluation of the Constitutional Court will take place.

VMRO-DPMNE in the past has supported the judicial reforms with a common goal supported by the US, EU and OSCE to elect persons with professional experience and persons who have made a scientific contribution to the judiciary, reads the letter of the opposition to several foreign embassies, including and to US Ambassador Kate Burns, European Ambassador David Gere and others.
This letter to the foreign ambassadors followed after in the commission for elections and appointments, yesterday, SDSM MPs outside the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, forcibly tried to pass the proposals Cvetanka Ivanova and Vasko Talevski to be proposed as constitutional judges, which came of disagreement with the opposition.