ATYD: Instead of devising solutions for medical staff vacations, those who stayed at home will be rewarded

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The Association of Trainees and Young Doctors responds to information about the administration’s holiday payment.

– Instead of devising solutions for the rest of the medical staff who were in the front lines all year, those who stayed at home will be rewarded. Not that there were none among our colleagues, but the priority must be known. Pay leave to medical staff and others in healthcare who have worked with Covid patients, the ATYD said.

Public administration employees who did not go to work from last March to a few weeks ago due to protection measures against covid-19, will still receive holiday pay, K-15.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, answering a journalist question whether it is appropriate to give K-15 to the administration that did not go to work, at a time when the private sector is facing difficulties in working and reduced salaries, said that the recourse must and should be paid because it provided for in the collective agreements of 2019.

– They understood the postponement of this measure in 2020 because when the payment was supposed to start, the third wave of the coronavirus started and it was inappropriate to pay the recourse at a time when the private sector is going with rationalization. This year we decided to pay and it should pay, we promised and not only did we promise an agreement was signed. That is why additional 230 million denars have been allocated for this purpose, said Zaev.