Instead of making capital projects, the mayor of Bitola sets a table for playing chess – citizens angry with Natasha Petrovska (PHOTO)

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Chess table is the latest project of the mayor of Bitola, Natasha Petrovska, with which she boasted today on social networks.

– In life, beautiful things lie in simple things like this today, which also enriches the ability of citizens to really enjoy the shade and the game that is provided in this area, where there was already such a table, but the time he did his thing. When it comes to the urban environment, it is not just major infrastructure that matters. Such elements are also important, which give soul to everything else you do, said Petrovska at the opening of the new project.

It was a great pleasure for the passers-by who immediately used the opportunity to play chess on the new board, announced the Municipality of Bitola on the official Facebook profile.

Mayor Petrovska has been known so far for the promotion of projects similar to this one, such as a new color of the pedestrian crossing, a new manhole, reconstruction of a wooden bridge with a dozen planks, and the like.

And when it comes to the games, in Bitola the most favorite game is the beljot, so until the autumn elections there is time to promote a beljot table in a park.