Another 26,000 Macedonian citizens lost their jobs, mostly in low-paid industries

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In the second and third quarters of last year, compared to the first quarter of 2019, the number of employees decreased by 26,000 people. The Institute for Economic Analysis, Finance Think, published an analysis which further states that most of the layoffs were distributed to low-paid workers who worked without any contract.

“Job formalization was usually done through part-time contracts, so the government should introduce mechanisms for their retention and eventual conversion of contracts indefinitely,” said Despina Tumanoska, Program Think Coordinator at Finance Think, reports Alsat.

The Federation of Trade Unions points out that they have been fighting for years for fixed-term contracts to last for a maximum of one year, and then to be immediately transformed into indefinite ones. According to the unions, employees who do not have a contract for an indefinite period of time, can not comfortably plan their future, there is no adequate health insurance and these are several reasons plus, a worker from Macedonia to seek happiness in one of the European Union countries.

“Fixed-term contracts should last up to a year, for these very reasons. And we will remain on that position and those agreements can be extended for a certain time a year, up to a maximum of twice,” said Darko Dimovski, president of FTU.

The attitude of employers is that bosses who do not report their employees should not be tolerated, because in that way they harm employees and represent unfair competition in the economy. Most of the fired workers in the analyzed period are from the tourism and catering sector, textile and construction industry, the television reported.