A memorial tower for the NLA is being built in Lipkovo, the government will spend 200,000 euros

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In the vicinity of Slupcane, the municipality of Lipkovo will build a memorial tower for the NLA fighters. Local authorities will spend a staggering 200,000 euros to build the monument. During the pandemic, the municipality decided that one of the priorities should be the construction of this monument, ALFA TV reported.

The agreement between the municipality and the company Hoxha Engineering from Kumanovo has already been published on the website of the Public Procurement Bureau, which has a deadline to complete the construction in six months, ie by November 25. The contract, including VAT, was concluded in the amount of 12,115,109 million denars, or approximately 200,000 euros.
The ALFA team asked the mayor of Lipkovo, Erhan Arifi, DUI staff to explain why so much money for a monument and why it is a priority in a crisis.

– He answered our first phone call and said he would ask for us later. But we did not receive a return call. At the place where the memorial is to be built, on May 2 this year, on the 20th anniversary of the military conflict, DUI leader Ahmeti laid fresh flowers and promised that the memorial tower will be built soon, reminds ALFA.

-Of course, things start today. For the construction of this monument, as I said, in memory of the fallen fighters, NLA, mothers, women, sisters from this zone. This monument will be completed on November 28, said Ali Ahmeti, DUI leader.
The mayor of Lipokovo recently told the media that the monument will be legally erected with all permits.