K-15 will get 27,000 administrative workers – here are the employees who are entitled to vacation pay

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The information about the recourse for the annual leave of the administration caused public outrage and a sharp reaction from the opposition.

The President of the Trade Union of UPOZ, Peco Grujovski, in a statement for “Free Press” explains that 27,000 workers have the right to K-15, and not the entire administration.
– The right of recourse for annual leave arises from the Branch Collective Agreement for state administration bodies, professional services of the Government, courts, public prosecutor’s offices, penitentiary and correctional institutions, State Attorney’s Office, municipalities, City of Skopje, municipalities in the City of Skopje, agencies, funds and other bodies established by the Assembly. This agreement was concluded before the pandemic started and has the force of law. This means that if the recourse is not paid, the workers can claim it in court and that will cost the state more money, says Grujovski.