Mucunski: VMRO-DPMNE protests because it does not support negotiations on identity, history and language SDSM and this government have no red lines

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The MP and international secretary of VMRO-DPMNE, Timcho Mucunski in the show “Morning Briefing” said that VMRO-DPMNE is holding protests in the capital and other cities in the country because the government led by SDSM has not set red lines in the dispute with Bulgaria while Bulgaria has drawn their red lines and that these protests are a warning protest of what may follow, and would be to the detriment of the state and national interests.

– As we said yesterday, I mentioned in a statement that this is a protest in the form of a political warning that I pointed out yesterday but we can clarify it again for some citizens who did not follow yesterday’s statements. On the Bulgarian side, we have a very predictable and transparent position, ie from what we heard from the Bulgarian Foreign Minister a few days ago, Bulgaria remains on the declaration adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament, which means that it is clear to all of us what the negotiating positions of Bulgaria are. On the part of the Republic of Macedonia we have phrases, we have many words, many promises, but by no means firmly established national red lines for which we are not ready to negotiate, we say that the identity, history, language but often from this current government of SDSM and DUI we have seen it is promised that certain issues are not negotiated and that is exactly what is being negotiated, said Mucunski.
Mucunski stressed that due to the lack of will on the part of the government to establish a national consensus on important issues such as the issue with Bulgaria and due to worrying information that arrives regarding the issue with Bulgaria, VMRO-DPMNE will protest in the coming days.

MP Mucunski clarified that what is most important and in the focus of VMRO-DPMNE is protection of the national interest for which it is obvious that the SDSM government does not take any account.

– Probably the most logical consequence in the past would have been the Macedonian Parliament as a request VMRO-DPMNE to adopt a declaration to establish national positions based on the trust that we have inherently as representatives to the citizens and it would be clear to all what are the negotiating positions of R. Macedonia. Lacking the will to establish a national consensus on this issue and concerned, as President Mickoski mentioned, certain information that is coming, we decided to hold several warning protests, one of which will exist today to block the intersections not only in Skopje but in other cities across the country but there is something that is most important and that is the protection of the national interest and our sincere fear is that this government is not going in that direction, explained Mucunski.