PHOTO: Social networks are boiling after Zaev sent the football players to the European Championship

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Yesterday, the Macedonian football players left for Bucharest, where on Sunday they will play the first match of the 2020 European Championship against the Austrian national team.

This is a historic moment for Macedonian football, because the A national team for the first time since independence is placed in a major competition.
Before the departure of the Macedonian national team, the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev sent them to the Skopje airport. After leaving the Skopje hotel where they were previously accommodated, the players were sent according to an old custom of pouring water for happiness and an easy championship.

This photo met with an avalanche of positive reactions on social networks, and some called it a historic photo that literally stands out.
After arriving at the Skopje airport and posting the photos from the sending of Zaev, the social networks were full of comments that were not positive. Fans say that instead of politicians, footballers should be sent by fans with a song.