Zaev announced himself after the information that SDSM and DUI agreed on a joint candidate for mayor

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SDSM and DUI did not discuss a joint candidate for mayor of Skopje for the October local elections, said today the Prime Minister and leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev.
– No, such a thing has not been discussed at all for a joint candidate or compensations or something similar. It is about a political platform, perspectives, future, etc., said Zaev after the event in Stip.
The Prime Minister said that this is something that is a modernization of the coalition partner and stressed that it is logical to let them talk about the details, and it is in the spirit of what we are doing as a government.
– As we presented our changes as the largest partner in our coalition that were made with electronic records, direct voting, equal representation of women and men and greater representation of young people in the party, so DUI informed me about this qualitative and beautiful change. “I hope they will achieve new successes, because it really is a modernist approach that we will all expect to hear tomorrow,” said Zaev, answering a reporter’s question.
The only thing he said is that it is about the political party DUI and that what they will say is worth paying attention to. (MIA)