SDSM and Filipce scattered with promises in the healthcare, but the list of fulfilled is minor

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The government led by SDSM in 2016 in it’s program “For Life” promised a lot in the field of health, but how much did they fulfill?

Instead of completing the project for a Clinical Center in Skopje, the government stopped it and started another project. This project met with resistance because it did not exist. To pass a law on a 503 million euro loan for a non-existent project, and at the same time to demand it from the most corrupt government in Europe, is extremely meaningless and frivolous.

“The President of VMRO-DPMNE at the last meeting with Zoran Zaev gave a constructive proposal for a solution that will mean complete renovation of the Clinical Center “Mother Teresa” which would cost about 100 million euros and construction of Emergency Clinical Center which would be opposite the private hospital “Zan Mitrev” and which would connect the Polyclinic “Bucharest” and CGH “September 8” and also the construction of three more University Clinical Hospitals in Tetovo, Stip and Bitola which would cost ten million euros, said Dafina Stojanoska, MP from the ranks of the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia”.

The Clinical Center in Bitola was promised, but that promise remained only on a piece of paper.

“One of the most pressing problems will be solved, all volunteers and employees with a contract will receive solutions for permanent employment. The new Clinical Center in Bitola and the other measures envisaged by SDSM for health will provide a more humane and dignified place for the health problems of the citizens “, said Vasko Kovacevski on one of his statements on April 21, 2014.

It was promised in the “For Life” Program and the Children’s General Hospital in Skopje with an emergency center, but it is nowhere to be found, it seems to have been forgotten.

The opening of the “Children’s General Hospital in Skopje with an emergency center” is also highlighted in the Government Work Program (2017-2020), in the section “Quality Health” (p. 34). However, there is no information that it is open or that any activities are underway to open such a hospital in Skopje. However, no information can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Health and the Government that a decision has been made to open such a hospital.

In the Government Program from 2016, capitulations for dentists were promised from 40 denars to 70, and they increased them only 8 denars. And for the family doctors, they promised to increase their capitulations from 55 to 90 denars, and they only got 8 denars.

On October 31, 2019, the Minister of Health Venko Filipce and the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced the measure to increase the capitation point for primary health care, namely family doctors, gynecologists and dentists. The increase of the capitation is 8 denars per patient who is referred to the family doctor, gynecologist or dentist. The increase is 15% for doctors, 20% for dentists.

From the pompously announced capitulations for dentists from 40 denars to 70 and from 55 to 90 denars for family doctors were reduced to 8 denars.

Among the promised and forgotten projects of the government for health is providing a generic drug available free of charge, providing a family gynecologist for every woman in the country, with a law that will define the rights and obligations of doctors in cooperation with the Medical Chamber, capacity building to day hospitals where patients will be provided with diagnostic and therapeutic services during a working day that do not require hospitalization.

Too many promises, too little fulfilled.