Mucunski: This Government is on the edge of being a record holder in the misuse of the European flag, and that will be noted in the EC Report

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This Government is on the edge of being a record holder in the misuse of the European flag. For excessive use of abbreviated procedures. Who, although as far as I remember when this same party SDSM was in opposition, criticized it the most for the previous government. Unfortunately, all this will be included in the last Report prepared by the EC and these are bad practices of the government that should be stopped immediately, said Timcho Mucunski, MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “For the Reconstruction of Macedonia” in “Morning Briefing”.

Mucunski added that we should wait for the Report to come out and then comment on how much worse it is than the previous Report.

– I expect that there will be a lot of criticism related to the situation in the Parliament, related to high corruption, related to the rule of law. And practically probably in the Report it will be noted that the same problems that we have for years remain, Mucunski concluded.

Mucunski pointed out that there is no progress at all in law and justice.

– I think that there is no progress, from two points of view, first, there is no progress in the area of ​​legislation. “If you return to this parliamentary composition, you will see that no substantial legal changes have been made in the area of ​​judicial reform,” Mucunski said.

Mucunski pointed out that Macedonia does not have a quality judicial system since Zaev came to power. Unfortunately, there are selective proceedings that are opened at the level of investigation, but there are very few charges.

– Macedonia urgently needs a change in the Law on Criminal Procedure, reform of the Penal Code. Macedonia needs to pass a civil code that has been talked about for a long time. Not a word is opened about these issues, explained Mucunski.

Mucunski added that this Government lives on “WILL”, “WILL” is heard every day, there are reforms, “WILL” has a good law but none of that “WILL” is realized.