Government to adopt new measures today: No outdoor mask, permission for wedding – curfew remains in force

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From today, the citizens will be able to move without masks in the open air, weddings, celebrations, outdoor celebrations / summer terraces will be allowed up to a maximum of 100 people, and the presence of an audience at outdoor sports competitions will be allowed until 30 percent of total visitor capacity. The Minister of Health Venko Filipce emphasized that although the epidemic is subsiding, the citizens should remain careful.

These are part of the recommendations of the Commission for Infectious Diseases for easing the measures, which were accepted yesterday by the General Coordination Covid-19 Crisis Staff of the Government. They should be valid from today.

The Government Press Service announced that the Headquarters has reviewed and confirmed the recommendations of the Commission and proposes them for final adoption at today’s Government session.

The recommendations were accepted after an exhaustive discussion and given the favorable epidemiological situation with Covid-19 in the country now, which is characterized by a reduction in the 14-day incidence (number of new cases) of positive cases, reduction of positive tests for Covid-19 in relation to the total number of tested persons, reduction of the number of active cases and the number of hospitalizations.

To loosen the current restrictive measures, seven recommendations have been proposed – abolishing the measure of wearing a protective mask outdoors with a recommendation to wear a mask when people are in a larger group. The measure for mandatory wearing of a protective mask in public transport, taxi transport and in all enclosed spaces remains important.

Furthermore, the presence of spectators at outdoor sports competitions up to 30 percent of the total capacity of visitors, with mandatory observance of a distance between visitors of 1.5- to 2 meters (three seats) and with consistent application of measures to protect against Covid -19. The measure prohibiting the grouping of public space of no more than four persons is abolished.

It is allowed to organize weddings, celebrations, celebrations in open space / summer terraces up to a maximum of 100 people, but not more than 50 percent of the capacity of the space and up to a maximum of six people at the table by providing the recommended distance between them. The presence of musicians is allowed only when organizing weddings, and in accordance with the appropriate protocol.

Furthermore, the number of persons at one table in the catering facilities is increased from four to six persons by providing the recommended distance between the persons at the table, and it is recommended to abolish the measure for work in shifts and remotely.

The curfew continues until June 15, 2021.

The Minister of Health Venko Filipce pointed out that the epidemic is subsiding, but appealed to the citizens to be careful.

– The mask is a good mechanism. The ban on grouping is also being lifted. However, it is good to keep in mind, to have on hand, if there is grouping even outside even though it is hot, to be able to use. The same goes for the gatherings at home, all citizens should be aware that we have a stable situation now, but really no one can predict not only us, but anywhere in the world how the epidemic will continue. We follow all the trends in our country in the surrounding countries and so we give the recommendations accordingly, added Filipce.

In the meantime, the Parliament of Northern Macedonia is expected to continue holding the sessions in the plenary hall from June 8, as before the pandemic with Covid-19, if it receives permission from the Commission for Infectious Diseases. Yesterday, the President of the Assembly, Talat Xhaferi, met with the President and the members of this Commission.

– I had a meeting with the President and the representatives of the Commission for Infectious Diseases who inspected the halls and auxiliary rooms, to determine whether all the conditions are met for the Assembly to start holding plenary sessions in the Macedonia Hall, respecting the measures for protection from Kovid-19, in accordance with the new recommendations of the Government, after the service, MPs, security and others present in the Parliament on a daily basis have completed the immunization process. With the belief that the legislature meets the recommended working conditions, we will expect a positive response from the Commission for Infectious Diseases, Xhaferi wrote on Facebook.

The Assembly has been holding it’s plenary sessions since the beginning of the pandemic in the Dome Hall in compliance with the distance maintenance recommendations, but this hall does not have an electronic voting system so votes are counted manually.