New blow to push people further into poverty – The Government considers the introduction of a military tax

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The Ministry of Finance is considering the introduction of a crisis tax, following the example of the 2001 military tax.

This means paying an additional percentage tax on virtually every financial transaction. This means that when every citizen buys something or pays a bill, they will pay an additional amount, a percentage to the government account.

In this way, Zaev’s Government puts its hand in the pockets of all citizens in the country and influences their additional impoverishment, despite the dizzying rise in food prices, fuels, as well as the announcement of a new increase in electricity prices, claims VMRO DPMNE.

Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi confirmed that there is such an initiative, who said that such a possibility is not ruled out and that the country had a crisis tax in 2001, the so-called military tax, due to the high budget deficit.