Carovska: This is the first Government that shows that the interest of the student is before everyone else!

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This is the first Government that shows that the interest of the student is before everyone else and that children are our future. The political party that ruled for 12 years constantly found excuses why not to improve, modernize, modernize education. That probably suited someone. That is why our children today at the international tests are at the bottom of the lists and that is devastating for our country, said Minister Mila Carovska.

Answering journalists’ questions during today’s visit to the “Ismail Qemali” primary school in Cair, Carovska said that they are fulfilling everything they promised even though there was mistrust, such as the suspicions that the online teaching will be realized from October, who, as she said, started and it is going great, and the new curricula have already been adopted and quality authors have been registered. She also said that the school year will be completed with the successful implementation of the state graduation exam.
Regarding the remarks on the reforms of the Ministry of Education and Science, she stressed that expressing her own opinions is a democratic right that she respects and fights for even now as a minister and that every constructive remark is taken into account, and legal solutions are open for public comment. According to her, the educational policies of the Ministry of Education and Science have great support.

– The support is huge. But I want to urge the party’s narrow, personal interests to move away from education. At the moment it can be seen that we have an opposition that not only did not know what to do with education during the time it ruled, which is 12 years, but even today it absurdly calls for a boycott of something that means modern education. Because digitalization does not depend on our country, digitalization depends on a world that intensively prepares its children to live and work in the 21st century. That is why digitalization is necessary and necessary and we saw it during the pandemic, said Carovska.