ICC: Unfortunately most of the measures for financial assistance and support of the Government for the caterers will end or have ended for the payment of interest

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– In the time and conditions of the pandemic, covid-19 banks completely calculated, collected and rescheduled the interest and costs for commissions and fees from the caterers and the catering industry without concessions. Despite the fact that the caterers did not work or worked and work with restrictions on working hours according to strict protocols and with half of their capacities, no bank made a self-initiated reduction of interest or commissions and costs from keeping accounts, but calculates them in full and continuously and charges in conditions when every penny to the caterers is numbered and important, it is said in the announcement of the Independent catering chamber.

– The annual revenues in the catering industry until the period before the pandemic exceeded eight hundred million euros. Half of these revenues were realized as exports, revenues from foreign guests and tourists. Almost one hundred million euros are commercial short-term and long-term loans from Macedonian commercial banks, including loans from the Development Bank of RNM used by caterers and employees in the catering industry. Even in the period when they did not work or work under special restrictions and protocols in conditions of a pandemic, most of the caterers, at the same time beneficiaries of several economic set of measures for financial assistance and support from the Government, timely and fully settled their obligations to the banks. Unfortunately, no bank in the past during the pandemic Covid-19 did not meet the needs of caterers and made a self-initiated reduction of interest, commissions, costs or other fees. That is why the banks did not miss all the legal possibilities to book and collect more than ten million euros in the name of interest, commissions, various fees for payment operations, commissions from card collection and expenses for keeping accounts and to increase their revenues and profits enormously from caterers and in a pandemic, say caterers.

They point out that despite the fact that the banks continuously declare themselves as socially responsible companies, they have not contributed or made anything in the past to contribute or support the endangered sectors of the catering industry and instead of actively taking part in supporting the joint overcoming of the crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic, mercilessly continues to collect in full all legal interest income, commissions and accounting expenses.

– That is why we publicly invite and invite all banks that are considered socially responsible companies in the coming period to find ways and make decisions to SEPARATE A PART OF THEIR PROFITS MADE BY THE DIRECTOR AND BY THE CATERER caterers and / or catering industry campaigns. At the same time, we expect the banks to organize a joint meeting with representatives of the catering industry in order to establish a fund for financial support in recovery and revitalization of caterers intended for assistance and support in organizing various events or to improve the operation of catering facilities in the interest and preservation of public health, explained the ICC.