“While foreigners claim that the number of deaths from the corona is being falsified, Filipce, in addition to counting commissions, has now entered the film of a party official.”

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The latest statistics of the competent institutions say that there are 7 newly infected in 24 hours, but as many as 18 dead. Thus, the number of deaths from the corona is 5,329 people or it is around 5,500. The high number of deaths in the country is evidenced by the data of Worldometers, according to whose list Macedonia is the highest 4th place on the world list of dead. Or more than 10 thousand dead says the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.

– In the meantime, Filipce put emphasis on taking commissions, now he is in the film of a party official. It is obvious that the citizens and their health will not be in order. Filipce not even once, since the outbreak of the pandemic showed interest in the health of citizens, organizing the health system. Imagine and the third wave passes unified treatment protocols no! That is why Filipce will answer, the party points out.