VMRO-DPMNE: The people were left without bread, but for Zaev the most important investment is in the marijuana plantations!

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Zoran Zaev does nothing as prime minister except spend the money of the people. We do not have vaccines, but we have new and invented institutions, employment, vehicles and spending, say in the party statement from VMRO-DPMNE.

The establishment of the Cannabis Agency will mean a new cost for the citizens. From the budget, from the money of the citizens, from their pocket will be paid a new director, his cabinet, secretary and expenses for that, a driver for the same and a vehicle, but also a dozen or a hundred new employees.

There is no money for hospital vehicles, vaccines and other necessary material, but there is money for new institutions that have a single goal – protection of the business of Zoran Zaev.

The Zaevi family is deeply involved in the marijuana business, and Trajce Zaev’s driver was caught smuggling it.

The Voice of America also wrote about the marijuana smuggling in Macedonian, according to which Macedonia, especially the Strumica region, is a place from where marijuana is smuggled to Greece.

“Macedonia is becoming Colombia in the Balkans, and Zaev is putting his hand on the marijuana business as a whole, and that is why the citizens, who are waiting for medicine and insulin, are suffering, because there must be something for Zaev’s new institutions for marijuana control,” the party said in a statement.