“SDSM members themselves say that the problems are increasing, the source of those problems is Zaev and he must be defeated.”

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Zoran Zaev occupied SDSM for his personal and business interests. It is not only VMRO-DPMNE that speaks, it is not only the public that speaks, but some of the members of his party are also aware of that. The latest information that has come out to the public only shows that even the members of SDSM do not believe in the democratic capacities of Zaev and his lies for the rule of law and a better life, reads the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.

– The sultanism that rules in SDSM as well as the hybrid regime in all of Macedonia is clearly seen today. All who disobey him are eaten by darkness, and all who obey him are rewarded. The sheriff who rules in SDSM made all those who are close to Zaev feel above the law and the common man and think that they can do whatever they want, say the party.

– Zoran Zaev is a problem for both SDSM and Macedonia. As they say in SDSM “problems are only increasing” says that the generator of crises and problems in Macedonia became Zaev and the people around him. The problems of our society are the crime, corruption and the hybrid regime of Zaev. Macedonia can move forward only if the source of the problems, the trampler of the dignity of the people and the state leaves and is defeated, and that is Zaev personally, added the VMRO-DPMNE.