New audio bombs from the SDSM congress (AUDIO)

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On Sunday, May 16, 2021, the 26th Congress of SDSM was held, where only the top of the party gathered, and the delegates worked “online”.

After the congress, audio bombs from the intra-party congress were made public yesterday. In one of the bombs, Radmila Sekerinska expressed concern about certain issues.

– I have to say that I am worried about some things and I want to be absolutely wrong. I’m worried that for some reason we are getting into the old trap. And that is to close our eyes to some problems that only we can solve, no one else. I’m worried about the feeling that if you keep quiet, there will be no problems. And those problems are only increasing. I’m worried about being suspicious when someone has an attitude and a position, right or wrong. And not when he sacrifices both the attitude and the principles for some personal purpose. And I’m concerned that we have come to trust and help more people who have escaped or distanced themselves, and less of those who have suffered with us. I hope that my feeling that we are whispering about some things and not talking to solve the problem will not help it, it will only push the party away, Sekerinska said.

There were other audio bombs in which the delegates criticized the work of SDSM, and they were soon removed yesterday, which means that the censorship worked despite the public commitment of the president of the SDSM party Zoran Zaev that the different opinion will be respected and encouraged.

Today, 2 more audio bombs appeared on the Facebook page “Zaev’s resignation”.

Namely, Maksim Dimitrievski, mayor of Kumanovo, spoke at one of them, reminding him of the 15th Congress on June 30, 2013, when the statute of SDSM was changed and amended, and that looking from this distance today, many party members did not respect or understand the syllabus transparency, accountability and that the party is reduced to associations of small groups organized and interconnected people.

In addition, you can hear his speech in full at the 26th Congress of SDSM.

Hazafer Amrulovski from Centar Zupa speaks in the second audio bomb that also appeared on the Facebook page “Zaev Resignation”.

Namely, he emphasized that the officials from SDSM forgot, they only see their interest, they forgot when they were put in office.

You can hear the full audio bomb below.