Mickoski with direct support to Israel, Zaev and Pendarovski neutral

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There has been a war on the territory of Israel for more than 10 days. More than 1,800 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel. The riots do not stop even today, early in the morning the Israel state continued with the attacks in response to the rocket attack by Hamas.

The world is divided again in this situation. The United States, Canada, Austria… with strong support for Israel, and Turkey with threats against them.

Support was also given by the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister Osmani in a statement to the media, said that Israel has the right to defend it’s people.

– I am very worried about the situation in Israel and Gaza. I condemn Hamas’ indiscriminate attacks on Israel. Civilians on all sides must be protected. The violence must end now, written in Osmani’s message.

Earlier on the social network Facebook, the MP and the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Rashela Mizrahi and Hristijan Mickoski, expressed their support for Israel.

This was followed by a storm of reactions, most of the Islamic radicals in the country.

Comments with threats to life and insults to the two prevailed under the post on social networks with Mickoski and Mizrahi, but there is no reaction from the institutions.

During yesterday we asked for an opinion from the President, Stevo Pendarovski and the government Zoran Zaev.

We asked Pendarvoski and Zaev if they planned to raise the flag of Israel in support, after Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic had done so, and whether the two had made a phone call or in any way expressing support for Benjamin Netanyahu.

We received an answer from the office of President Pendarovski, and the government is silent.

– President Pendarovski believes that displaying flags is not the most appropriate way to express a political position or support for a foreign country. There are diplomatic channels and regular communication between the two countries, within which messages are exchanged and topics of mutual importance are discussed. Regarding our support for the State of Israel, we would like to refer you to yesterday’s post on the social network Twitter of the Prime Minister of Israel, in which he expressed gratitude to several countries, including Northern Macedonia for their resolute support of the right to self-defense from terrorist attacks facing Israel, were answered by Pendarovski’s cabinet.

For Pendarovski, “Hamas” is a terrorist organization.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization and is declared as such by both the European Union and the United States,” Stevo Pendarovski told KURIR.

The government has not yet answered our questions, but in the status of the social network Twitter, during yesterday, Zoran Zaev wrote that he condemns the violence.

– We are following with concern the developments in Israel and the Gaza Strip. People’s lives are priceless and therefore violence must stop. There must be no tolerance for anti-Semitic attacks. There must be no tolerance for attacks on civilians on either side. Dialogue is a solution, says Zaev’s status.

Yesterday, in a tweet published by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he sent thanks to 25 countries that have publicly supported Israel, Macedonia is also included, but direct support, according to the statements, came only from Minister Osmani and VMRO-DPMNE president Hristijan Mickoski.