Minister Spasovski was vaccinated

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“Today I completed my civic, but also personal duty and responsibility – I was vaccinated here, at the Vacation Point in Kumanovo. It is the civic responsibility of every citizen, given what we have faced with the covid-19 pandemic. “Indeed, only vaccination and immunization of the population can help defeat this disease,” said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski after receiving the vaccine against covid-19 today in Kumanovo.

Minister Spasovski expressed satisfaction that the citizens of Kumanovo have a good report for vaccination, and over 10% of the population of the city has already been immunized, which in practice shows the responsibility as a city in relation to the immunization process. Regarding vaccines, Minister Spasovski stressed that no matter which vaccine we receive, immunization is the only way to prevent severe forms of covid-19 and fatal consequences.

“All vaccines are checked, safe and it is good that lately we have a generally large number of citizens who have expressed a desire to be vaccinated, so I once again appeal to all to apply on, where they will get an appointment and finish it personal and civil liability. In that way, we help ourselves, but also our families and the community, “said Spasovski, adding that vaccination is not the end of the fight against covid-19, and especially in the period after vaccination, care should be taken and special protection measures should be observed such as wearing protective masks, keeping a distance and, in general, measures prescribed by the Government.

“I want to especially thank all the doctors, nurses of all medical staff for the fight against covid-19 in the past, all health professionals who participate in the immunization of the population, and I especially want to thank all those who participate in the organization exactly at this vaccination point, here in Kumanovo. I expect that we will continue to contribute together to finally put an end to covid-19 and return to normal life,” said Minister Spasovski.