Miteva: I deny the accusations that VMRO-DPMNE provided support to legalize illegally constructed buildings in protected areas

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This is a draft legal solution that comes from the ruling majority SDSM and does not come from a proposal from VMRO-DPMNE. Those theses that are circulated in the public that it is an amnesty for Mr. Stevcho Jakimovski for a building built in Hrom, we can look at it from another angle and ask if this is an amnesty for Zoran Zaev for the case he is suspected of for “Emperor Towers”, where he has built a hotel. And thirdly, did they keep the actions taken by the mayors from the ranks of SDSM instead of processing them in a drawer, and we know that this would now entail criminal responsibility for inaction, says Marija Miteva, spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE in the show Utro with Zlatev on Radio Leader.

Miteva denies the accusations that VMRO-DPMNE supported the legalization of illegally constructed buildings in protected areas.

What was especially important and what VMRO-DPMNE was accused of being a draft legal solution with which we supported the legalization of illegally constructed buildings in protected areas, which I deny, because the law clearly states that such buildings are competent and she should responsibly give an opinion to the institution that is responsible for that area, whether it is the ministry, the mayor and the like, she said.

If the practice of SDSM officials is to circumvent the law and give an opinion in accordance with their own interests, then we should ask ourselves when and how to change that, said Miteva.