Karakachanov: “NO” for Macedonia until it gives up anti-Bulgarian behavior

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Krasimir Karakachanov’s party would enter into a post-election coalition with GERB, as well as with any other political formation in Bulgaria, if it’s 7 priorities are supported.

For BGNES, Karakachanov stated: change of the Constitution and strengthening of the powers of the head of state, protection of national interests on the international stage, support for medium and small business, dealing with the demographic crisis, protection of traditional values ​​and others.

The former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense believes that it is time for Bulgaria to stop playing left and right, pro-European and anti-European.

“Do we have a problem with demographics?” We have. Do we have a problem with the organization? We have. How long will we be silent and do nothing, because someone can scold us. Do we have a problem with foreign policy upheavals? Some firmly say that we will accept Macedonia without compromise, others say that we will not accept. “I am one of the last,” said Karakachanov.

One of the important priorities of VMRO-BND is not to start negotiations between Macedonia for membership in the European Union until it gives up its anti-Bulgarian behavior.

Karakachanov congratulated the new interim Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev for his position on Macedonia:

“I am glad that the new Foreign Minister has made it very clear that there will be no change in Bulgaria’s foreign policy,” the VMRO leader said.