SHAME: They sold vaccines to Macedonians in Vranje for 40 euros!

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Some citizens of Vranje sold vaccines to the citizens of Macedonia, for 40 euros per dose, due to which the members of the security agency BIA arrested two people from Vranje, unofficially finds out Info Vranjske, said the MIA correspondent from Belgrade.

-If the story is true, Vranje experienced another great shame directed by the local progressives. According to several unofficial and interconnected sources, the vaccination of the citizens of Macedonia in Vranje was accompanied by unprecedented shame, said Vranjske, and is reported by other Serbian media.

Informed from the scene that individuals sell vaccines to Macedonians, for 40 euros per dose, BIA members took action and on suspicion of this “work” in the police department in Vranje detained two celebrities from Vranje.

If the news is true, Vranjske writes, then the whole chain must be checked – who delivered the vaccines, with whom they shared the earnings, how many vaccines were sold and so on.

-But the whole story has been stopped, it is said, by the first progressive in the south of Serbia, Dragan Stevanovic Boske, primarily for the shame of not spreading… According to some information, the private sellers of state vaccines were from a public institution, an official and his deputy both detainees belong to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SPP).

For now, it is clear that something has happened, Vranjske writes, that the work will resonate far away, even if it is only partially true, and that someone has to answer for it.

According to Vranjske, the story does not go in the direction of revealing the whole story, but in the direction of covering it up. (MIA)