Arsovski: SDSM wants to steal 600,000 euros through a marketing campaign

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SDSM government wants to give 600,000 euros through two tenders announced by the General Secretariat for marketing services and advertising campaigns, this was stated today through a press conference by Dimce Arsovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

-300,000 euros for a campaign for successful vaccination and another 300,000 euros for a campaign to prevent corruption. Neither one nor the other is successful, neither one field is working nor the other field is working to launch a campaign. Zaev, Filipce and Ljupco Nikolovski will give 600,000 euros of public money to marketing agencies, which are already rumored to campaign for the local elections later. Here we are publicly asking, how will these 600,000 euros be spent? This is a question that interests the public and needs to be answered. We publicly ask where these 600,000 euros will end up and how will these campaigns reach the public, for which the money will not be awarded, because they are huge money, not a little money, considering that the Government must not advertise? There are 600,000 euros from the budget for advertising campaigns, which is a huge amount of money and they are used to make really serious campaigns, and it is clear that the money for renting advertising space will not end up anywhere, which is even clearer that the campaigns will be unsuccessful from the start are just a way of stealing state budget money.

Let them say where they will advertise for 600,000 euros for these two campaigns and what will be the purpose of the money they are giving in the tender? Should the government say according to which law it will be advertised and where will it be advertised with this amount of money? Because we all know that a huge amount of money for two campaigns can only be set aside if the government is advertised somewhere, says Arsovski.
He adds that for example, 600,000 euros will be used to buy 10 ambulances that are missing in the cities, instead of pumping and stealing SDSM this money from the budget.

– For example, with 600,000 euros, more than 25,000 vaccines will be bought instead of the citizens dying every day. For example, with 600,000 euros, kindergartens and schools or a polyclinic will be reconstructed because the citizens do not have a place to provide basic health services. It is clear that the intention of SDSM with these 2 tenders of 600,000 euros is only and only to steal the money and at the expense of this state money to pay for the campaigns that follow for local elections. These marketing and campaign tenders themselves are the basis for serious corruption and serious crime. Such thieves, respected citizens like this SDSM faction, are a shame for the Republic of Macedonia, Arsovski emphasized.