Арсовски: 280.000 евра за кампања за спречување корупција – нов скандалозен тендер

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Yesterday I published a tender announcement for public procurement, whatever we call it, which was announced in the Government, 300,000 euros with VAT, for marketing services for successful vaccination for Covid19. This tender will de facto be for pumping public money through marketing services, and including for paying the election campaign for local elections of the political SDSM which is in power and announces this tender through the Government. Today we will announce a new tender launched by the Government of Zaev at the same time as the previous one, it is a procurement of services for the design and implementation of a campaign of public interest to prevent corruption, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimce Arsovski.

The following is an integral text from his press conference:

Ljupcho Nikolovski, after he started counting glasses of water of the ministers, will now make a campaign together with Zaev in the amount of 14,436,865 denars or 240,000 euros without VAT, over 280,000 euros with VAT.

Imagine a tender for marketing services for a campaign against corruption worth over 280,000 euros. The tender itself is a suspicion of serious corruption.

They envisaged an item from the Government in this tender in the amount of MKD 1,407,200 without VAT, preparation and realization of a media plan, lease of media space on all channels except the private broadcasters on the territory of Macedonia. What a robbery.

First of all, the Government must not be advertised in the media. That is the first and basic and it is their government decision from 2017. Then, lease media space to all channels – which channels? On the channels under the Macedonian Radio and Television, the government certainly advertises and broadcasts for free if it is a campaign of public interest, as they run both of these campaigns, which weigh over 600,000 euros.

This is nothing more than a classic robbery of state and public money and payment of SDSM campaign for the local elections from state money.

Yesterday I mentioned, today I will mention again, it is already being said which agencies close to SDSM will take these tenders. Practically the same they will work for them in the campaign.

So, two tenders in the Government at the same time worth about 600,000 euros for two campaigns. The people will not eat bread, SDSM spends 600,000 euros for campaigns that believe me, will not be working. Neither the government will stop the corruption, nor will Filipce organize a successful and mass vaccination.
We appeal once again to stop these tenders that are robbery of the Macedonian people and the Macedonian state and to stop it immediately.