The government will decide today on the new restrictive measures

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Reduced curfew, operation of catering facilities in the open until 23:30 and commencement of operation of gyms, fitness centers and gyms, are part of the relaxed restrictive measures recommended by the General coordination crisis staff to the Government, which should consider and adopt them at today’s session.

The new measures would be valid from May 12 to 18, and were adopted on the proposal of the Commission for Infectious Diseases based on the epidemiological situation, the reduction of the number of hospitalized and the number of infected persons.

According to the proposed new measures, the curfew will last from 24:00 to 05:00 and allow the use of annual leave for health professionals. The events will be held in accordance with the dedicated protocols, with up to 30 percent of the capacity of the closed space, and the number of children who can be cared for in a group in the kindergartens is increasing, from 15 to 20 children.

Yesterday, Minister Venko Filipce pointed out that it is still early to give a general recommendation for the masks not to be worn outdoors. In response to a journalist question, he said that it was discussed yesterday, but that the conclusion is that we should wait another week or two for such a measure.

– The next step would be, but it is still early to say when it would be, to wear the masks as before, only in a group outside. It is too early for now. That will be the next thing we will talk about. This morning we initiated a discussion and the conclusion is that we should wait another week or two, said Filipce.

According to him, it is too early to organize weddings and concerts.

– Concerts and weddings are not allowed yet because we are afraid that in these cases the distance between the people who are present can be reduced and that is why we are going gradually. If the trends continue, concerts will be allowed, said Filipce.

The new proposals for easing the restrictive measures, he said, are due to the trend of reducing the number of newly infected and the significant emptying of hospital facilities.

One of the measures that the Government is expected to adopt today is to increase the number of children in groups in kindergartens.

– We appreciate that the situation in the kindergartens is good. Due to the pressure from the parents, and the need to return the children to kindergartens, but also due to the safe epidemiological situation, we sent a letter on the basis of which the Commission for Infectious Diseases recommended to the Crisis Staff to increase the number of children in kindergartens from 15 to 20, said yesterday the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Shahpaska, who expressed the expectation that the measure will be adopted at today’s session of the Government.

Minister Shahpaska, in response to a journalist question about the situation in the kindergartens, pointed out that the situation is good, there are only 11 new positive employees and only two positive children. She informed that there are 21,480 free places according to the protocols, 15,400 children are already in kindergartens.