The defense of Boki 13 demands the reversal of the verdict, Janeva did not come to court

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What is this verdict based on – evidence or clues, whether we have a fair procedure and whether such a verdict can be based only on the testimony of two witnesses Orce and Ana Kamcheva. There is no expertise on the electronic device for this case, especially Jovanovski’s mobile phone, said the lawyer Sasko Dukovski, explaining the appeal of Bojan Jovanovski in front of the Court of Appeals.

Due to substantial injuries and incorrectly established material and factual situation, the defense requests that the first instance verdict in the “Racket” case be revoked or that the case be returned for a retrial.

– If you look at the verdict, you will see that not all witnesses can be taken only the part that corresponds to the prosecution, and everything else is said to have been said to help the defendant, said Dukovski.

Regarding the witness Orce Kamchev, Dukovski said that it is unthinkable for a person who gave a million euros not to have the status of a damaged person.

– On what evidence is this verdict based. There is no expertise on an electronic device for this case, especially Jovanovski’s mobile phone, said Dukovski, emphasizing that although they asked for defense, they were not allowed to have expertise on that mobile phone.

Where is the equality of weapons, he said, when three times we suggested the phone and all devices to be expert and three times we were rejected.

– It is emphasized at least thirty times in the verdict that Bojan Jovanovski has a blocked account and no job when it comes to the crime of money laundering, and then for influencing Katica Janeva, it is said that he has assumed influence, said Dukovski.

He pointed out that Orce Kamchev is the owner of Stopanska Banka Bitola, which is registered for exchange office work, and it is strange why the Prosecution accepts the statement of Orce Kamchev that he exchanged one million euros in the Bella exchange office, without submitting a confirmation of the exchange.

-The police, without a warrant, identify the confiscated branded clothes and glasses. What do you get as judges that 50 pairs of jeans were confiscated by quoting fashion designers, nothing. “I think that this cannot be done,” Dukovski said.

All this illegal conduct of proceedings and extension of detention, said Dukovski, caused serious health consequences for Jovanovski, for which material evidence will be submitted.

Bojan Jovanovski from the Primary Criminal Court was sentenced to nine years in prison for the case “Racket”, for committing the crime “money laundering and other proceeds of crime.”

Katica Janeva, due to health reasons does not attend the session and the appeal will be presented by her defense attorneys Deljo Kadiev and Irena Frckovska.

Janeva was sentenced by the Primary Criminal Court to seven years in prison for “receiving a reward for illegal influence” and “abuse of official position and authority” in the Reket case. (MIA)