POISONING IN A KINDERGARTEN IN KUMANOVO – thirty children sought medical help, here are the details

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About thirty children cared for in a kindergarten in Kumanovo, this weekend were examined and asked for help in the hospital and complained of stomach cramps, pain, diarrhea, confirmed today the officials of the public health institution.

Three of them are being treated in hospital, the rest have been released for home treatment after the provided therapy. Some of the parents took the children to Skopje as well.

The Kumanovo kindergarten confirms that they currently have inspectors from the State Sanitary Health Inspectorate, the Food and Veterinary Agency and an epidemiologist from the Center for Public Health.

The kindergarten, the inspectorate and the agency, the epidemiological service announced information during the day.

The State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate informs that an extraordinary inspection has started this morning. The inspectors are on the field with the team of the Center for Public Health Kumanovo. Authorities will take smear from multiple areas of the facility to determine if the source of the infection is in the nursery.

By the way, KURIR requested an opinion from the municipality of Kumanovo, under whose jurisdictions are all kindergartens, including this one, but so far we have not received an answer.