Chronically ill begging for vaccines, Macedonian citizens live in great fear due to the incompetence of the government (PHOTO)

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While the whole world is going through the second phase of vaccination, Macedonian citizens are still praying for vaccines.

We have been waiting for them for too long, and when a small number of them arrived, there is now a problem with the order, poor organization, privileges and lack of vaccines.

There are no vaccines for patients with rare diseases, no vaccines for people on dialysis, for transplant recipients, for at-risk groups. Some went to Serbia, and those who did not have the opportunity to do so, are waiting in fear. Every day is uncertain for them, so they are rightly revolted.

There are not enough vaccines against Covid 19 in Macedonia and many endangered categories of citizens will remain unvaccinated, as well as various patients.

They share their common trouble on social networks:

The coronavirus immunization plan does not envisage vaccinating at-risk groups of patients in the first priority and risk groups, such as those with rare diseases, dialysis patients who have to go to dialysis in the nephrology departments of hospitals every day. Also left out are patients who have had a specific organ transplant and who, because they have a weakened immune system, need to be protected from any infection or contagion.

The Medical Chamber has also recently requested that these categories of at-risk patients be among the priority groups for coronavirus vaccination. However, it seems that for the health authorities, the opinions of experts are not very important.

On the other hand, the revolt of the citizens grows when they see that the politicians from the government have become a priority, instead of the sick ones for whom the vaccine is a matter of life.

The government has shown complete inability to deal with the pandemic, and the greatest negligence has been shown by the late procurement of vaccines, for a quantity that is not enough for Macedonian citizens, especially for those most at risk.