Zaev: We did everything to provide the vaccines as soon as possible

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At a time when we had a serious challenge from our entire public, including the opposition, but also everyone else in the country, we made efforts on all sides to provide vaccines. Dozens of companies have been interviewed. Advance guarantees are paid. The advance, with which we first tried to provide the vaccine to “Sinopharm” was returned, and the details can be given by the Minister of Health, said today the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, answering a news question about the accusations from the opposition regarding the procurement of Chinese vaccines and the refund of the advance paid.

I believe, said the Prime Minister, that there is a procedure for declassification of all documents, and the citizens should know that.

– Prices are known to everyone in the world who procure vaccines, all other countries on the European continent in the neighborhood and in the world. They are the same prices with us. If there is a declassification mechanism, we will do it as a Government, the relevant institutions so that the Minister of Health can publish all the details. We have made efforts to pay certain advances to guarantee them completely, but in the international payment it is all known how it is regulated. If the orders are delivered, then the payment is made. It is in itself a proof that we did everything to get the vaccines as soon as possible, said Zaev answering journalists’ questions after he was vaccinated at the vaccination point in the sports hall “Boris Trajkovski” in Skopje.

He emphasized that he can absolutely confirm that the decisions are not made by the legal sector of Minister Filipce, nor by Minister Filipce, or by Zaev, made by the Government in accordance with all available information, in accordance with the relevant moments of procurement of vaccines.

– I believe that in the autumn period we will have even cheaper prices for vaccines, because there will be even greater production of vaccines, but so far what has been procured is in correlation or equal to all other procurements of other countries around us or in Europe, added Zaev in front of hall “Boris Trajkovski” where he was vaccinated against Covid-19 with a vaccine from the Chinese manufacturer “Sinopharm”. (MIA)