Evidence carry out at “International Union” trial

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The trial of the non-governmental organization “International Union” continues today in the Basic Criminal Court in Skopje with the presentation of material evidence proposed by the defense, where four more people are accused together with the founder Bojan Jovanovski.

The case is in evidentiary procedure and is being conducted by Judge Sofce Gavrilova Efremovska, and the prosecution is represented by Ivana Trajcevska.

Regarding the proposed evidence from the defense, the Court initially stated that it would check the circumstances of the confiscated mobile phone of Bojan Jovanovski and whether a forensic copy of the phone data was stored in the Ministry of Interior and would request that it be submitted to the court.

With regard to the other proposed evidence, the Court informs that it has checked and compared whether and which of the proposed evidence has been presented as evidence by the Prosecution and that it accepts to present only the evidence that was not covered.

– The defense is allowed to use, emphasize and connect whether in part or in whole, each of the evidence presented by the Prosecution, explained the Court.

The court also accepted the defense’s proposal that several persons be called as witnesses and heard, including Zoran Zaev, Aleksandar Kiracovski, Mila Carovska, Stefan Bogoev, Natasha Petrovska, Slobodan Najdovski, Goran Sugarevski, Nina Stardelova and Sefer Canovski.

The prosecution initially reacted to the proposed evidence and asked the Court not to present material evidence that had already been presented.

The defense, on the other hand, indicated that they want the full content of the agreements to be performed, for which they previously reacted that only the titles were read.

In the case of the NGO International Union, founded by Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13, through which, according to the indictment, businessmen were deceived into alleged adult centers,

Frosina Remenski, Hristina Blazeska, Mile Jovanovski, the father of Boki 13 and Jasna Mandic Ercegovic are also charged.

Jovanovski is accused of fraud and money laundering. Remenski is accused of aiding and abetting fraud, Mandic and Blazeska of aiding and abetting fraud and money laundering, Mile Jovanovski is charged with aiding and abetting money laundering and unauthorized manufacture, possession, brokering and trafficking in weapons. The non-governmental organization is also accused as a legal entity.