Zaev’s government is trying in every way to erase Goce Delchev: The prestigious award bearing his name has not been awarded for three years

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The government of  Zoran Zaev is trying in every way to erase the Macedonian revolutionary and freedom fighter Goce Delchev. For three years now, the prestigious award bearing his name has not been awarded in the country.

Since SDSM is in power, neither in 2017, nor in 2018, nor in 2019, the state award “Goce Delchev” has not been awarded. Nor was the highest scientific award for 2020 awarded today.

Last December, a competition was announced for the first time. A decision was made, which, according to some explanations, has not yet been published in the “Official Gazette”. Allegedly, that is the reason why the award was not officially awarded on May 4, the day of the death of the great Macedonian revolutionary Delchev, as is a tradition.

Plusinfo unofficially finds out that the winners of the award are the scientific papers “Internal Medicine” by a group of authors, editor in chief prof. Dr. Sonja Genadieva Stavric,  and “All the faces of the word: sermons” by academician prof. Dr. Katica Kulavkova.

The Ministry of Education and Science, headed by Minister Mila Carovska, has a legal obligation to award the prize for the highest achievements in the field of science.

Unofficially, the portal finds out that the top government officials can not accept the decision of one of the winners of this prestigious award to be Academician Kulavkova.

As Carovska, in order to sell the state and the identity, she dares to deprive the honor and the award of capital intellectual creators such as academician Katica Kulavkova and Prof. Dr. Sonja Genadieva Stavric?

Hence, the question arises whether Carovska follows the political combinatorics of President Stevo Pendarovski and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev who did not appear today at the grave of Goce Delchev or is it for other reasons?

The “culprit” is the pandemic.