Arsovski: SDSM should not be silent on Bulgarian provocations, Goce Delchev is a Macedonian revolutionary

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It is already clear to the citizens and the public, but also to the political entities that SDSM, their entire leadership, those in government positions, as well as Stevo Pendarovski who, although president of the state, have established a practice not to honor the state and Macedonian holidays, national symbols and giants, what worries me most is today’s statement of the Bulgarian ambassador who, by bowing to the tomb of Goce Delchev, said that he was a “Bulgarian” revolutionary, I would emphasize that Goce Delchev is a Macedonian revolutionary, one of the postulates of the Macedonian state, of the Macedonian history, of VMRO, said the spokesman of VMRO-DPMNE Dimce Arsovski in tonight’s guest appearance in the show “What is not clear” on Alpha TV.

He appealed to the government and the competent institutions to react to such statements of a national character, whether by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by Pendarovski, in some way the government should react, not to be silent because that is the way we can protect our greats says Arsovski.

Arsovski believes that it is a matter of complete negligence and disinterest of the government towards the national giants and everything related to the Republic of Macedonia and everything that is Macedonian, their actions speak enough, as well as the fact that the government does not contribute to the protection of national wealth and such greats of Macedonia.

– With the coming to power of VMRO-DPMNE, these giants will be celebrated and honored as they deserve, which will happen soon, said Arsovski.