Trajanov: It smells of emergency

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Due to the extremely complex and difficult health condition, lack of vaccines for immunization of the population, as well as the consequences for the business, I point out the need for the Parliament to function immediately, otherwise the ideas for declaring a state of emergency are getting stronger, says the President of the Democratic Union, Pavle Trajanov.

The Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi proposes today to convene a coordination of all parliamentary groups and independent members, which will determine the top priorities for which the Parliament should talk about.

– It is necessary to define what are the priority laws, especially those that are in function of protecting the health of the citizens, preventing the spread of the virus and providing vaccines, as well as the laws that provide measures to support companies suffering from the pandemic , financial assistance to numerous independent artists, musicians, athletes, as well as assistance to vulnerable categories of the population, the unemployed, etc. In such conditions, the introduction of a state of emergency will further complicate the situation, will limit the rights and freedoms of citizens, will collapse the business, will open opportunities for high corruption and will negatively affect the social life and mental health of citizens. The Democratic Union is against the introduction of a state of emergency and therefore calls for reasonable and rational behavior of all parties and members, said Trajanov.

A discussion should be held on the state of health, the measures taken and their effects, as well as the delay in the immunization process. The solutions that will emerge from that debate should be in the function of improving the overall situation, especially related to reducing the negative effects of the pandemic.