EVAS with a letter to Zaev: We do not work all year, solve our problem or we will take radical measures

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The event organization department has not been working continuously for more than a year. They say, we tried in every way to find understanding and provide assistance to this industry, but unfortunately we did not find constructiveness on the other side.

Therefore, they are forced to address the Government with an open letter with which they clearly and unequivocally request a meeting and a solution no later than March 29 this year.


Their letter to the Prime Minister is transmitted below:

After several unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with you or any of the members of the Government in charge of the issue that does concern us, we are forced to do so, to address you publicly.

We, the members of the EVAS Association as well as the whole community of companies that deals and works in the event organization sector are brought to an extremely unenviable and difficult situation. For a year now, the sector has not been working or is working partially, with extremely limiting factors and economically unprofitable projects. This means that companies and employees are left without a basic opportunity for income or livelihood.

We tried to be constructive, not to contribute to the spread of the infection, we did not put pressure on you and we had an understanding of the situation we are all in. Unfortunately, we did not get the same approach from you.

You have restricted our basic human right to work and earn, and you have not tried to help us in any way! You brought a package of measures that you intended for us. That package of measures has neither been put into operation nor will it contribute to alleviating our difficult situation.

Dear Prime Minister, our patience is running out. We have no choice but to fight for our companies, for our existence and for our colleagues. We are looking for a meeting with you or one of your ministers in charge of these issues, so that we can find a solution immediately.

We expect a meeting by March 29 this year at the latest.

If we are not called and if a solution is not found immediately, we will be forced to use our right to seek solutions in a different, unfortunately, radical way.

We sincerely ask you not to make us turn our one-year silence into a big noise, which will not stop until our demands are met.