It is a shame for Filipce and Zaev that journalists and police officers are organizing themselves to be vaccinated in Serbia!

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Macedonian citizens have been waiting for months for Zoran Zaev as prime minister and Venko Filipce as minister to become responsible and bring coronavirus vaccines to Macedonia. However, we received vaccines only for a part of the health staff, as a donation from Serbia, so the people justifiably live in fear for their health due to the negligence of the authorities.

Apart from the healthcare staff, there are other professions in Macedonia that are at high risk of contracting coronavirus every day while fulfilling their job duties. But while waiting for the government to become able to deliver vaccines, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Organized by the Macedonian Association of Journalists MAJ and the Serbian Association of Journalists Serbia UNS, yesterday 100 journalists and media workers from Macedonia were vaccinated in Vranje, Serbia. This came after the MAJ leadership showed a strong commitment to protect the health of it’s membership. With this, journalists proved to be more capable than the whole government to provide vaccination.

Hundreds of Macedonian journalists with bus transportation provided by MAJ or with personal transportation of their choice were in Vranje for vaccination with AstraZeneca, and a second vaccine was provided for their revaccination.

Following in the footsteps of the journalists, the police followed. Because Zaev and Filipce did not show concern for the officials who are at risk every day, in the battle for their health, they had to seek help from our neighbor Serbia.

The Independent Police Union has announced that negotiations with twin unions from Serbia to provide vaccines to police officers are in the final stages.

– We would like to inform you that the Independent Police Union, in cooperation with the twin unions from R. Serbia is in the final stages of negotiations to provide a quantity of vaccines for IPU members. The vaccination primarily of the members, but also of the other employees from the organizational units with the highest risk who will volunteer, will take place in the Republic of Macedonia. Serbia, according to a previously prepared plan by a working body that will form the Trade Union and for which we will additionally inform you, reports the Independent Police Trade Union.

This is a shame for the whole government. Shame on Zaev and Filipce. Journalists and police officers are fighting to protect their own health, and in that idea they have shown greater ability than the whole country.