Why has the way of announcing the deaths of Covid-19 changed? MH incompetent, IPH is silent

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For ten days now, the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Public Health have changed the way they have informed the daily newsletter about the deceased.

From the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Macedonia until March 12,  more than a year, the daily statistics received by the media and published on the official social media profiles of the Ministry of Health and Minister Venko Filipce were the same. But since March 13, the way that the  information has been published, relating to people who died as a result of a coronavirus, has been changed.

In addition to the total number of deaths, as of March 12, informations on the number of dead patients by cities and their age by cities were also published.

The very next day, March 13, the way of publishing was changed. Namely, as can be seen below, in addition to the total number of deaths, only the lowest and highest age of the deceased patients is now published, in other words “from-to”. There is no information on the exact age of all those who died from the daily reports, nor the persons who died in a certain city at what age.

During yesterday, Kurir addressed the Ministry of Health, where we asked for an answer as to the reasons for the change. They replied that the Ministry of Health does not prepare daily statistics.

– The Ministry of Health does not prepare daily statistics but publishes a report it receives from the IPH. For details about the report, contact the Institute of Public Health, the Ministry responded.

Kurir also addressed the IPH yesterday, but we did not receive a response until the publication of this text.

According to information from yesterday’s report, the youngest patient who lost the battle with the coronavirus was only 29 years old. Three days ago, a 35-year-old patient was the youngest victim of Covid-19 in the daily report.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health published the weekly report of the Institute of Public Health on the situation with the coronavirus in Macedonia, which refers to the period from March 15-21. The report for the mentioned period registered an increase in the number of deaths by 22.5 percent compared to the previous week. 158 deaths were registered from 27 cities. IPH informs that in terms of age, 135 persons were over 60 years old, 19 persons aged 50-59 years, three persons in the age group 40-49 years and one person aged 30-39 years.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Macedonia, 3,528 deaths have been registered. 3 deaths were registered in pregnant women and 27 deaths in health workers (as of 04.01.2021). Of the reported cases, 188 died in outpatient conditions, and 3,315 died during hospitalization (data as of March 21).