Milososki: For the interpellation of Venko Filipce we have the support of other opposition parties

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VMRO-DPMNE member Antonio Milososki, answering a journalist question how he commented on the scandal that shakes the government for procurement of Chinese vaccines, for which VMRO-DPMNE also filed an interpellation for the Minister of Health Venko Filipce, said that other opposition parties support the interpellation as and that he hopes that it will soon be on the agenda of a parliamentary session.

– We requested the interpellation from the Minister of Health in the Parliament, the other opposition parties also support the interpellation and I hope that Mr. Xhaferi will put the interpellation on the agenda as soon as possible, because we estimate that the number of infected, the number of unfortunately dead citizens, the number of unemployed people created in the country as a result of poor pandemic management and running after commissions with a phantom company from Hong Kong instead of purchasing vaccines for immunization of the population, are big reasons for a minister to resign alone or if he is not virtuous to do so, then the members and the Assembly to vote that they have no confidence in him.

And I call on all members from all cities, especially those where they are too affected by the large number of victims and newly infected, and where businesses are still suffering serious consequences from this mismanagement of the government, to join this demand as well to dismiss Filipce and put a better manager who will be able to lead the health, people and citizens on a better path and better manage this pandemic that has so far caused great damage to all of us, said Milososki.